Cost effective solution for pharmaceutical waste disposal. More than 20X the active ingredient of the leading brand. Safe, secure and fast acting. Good for the environment. Mitigate your risk of DEA diversion. Meets all regulatory agencies requirements when used as directed.

Welcome to PAC-RX™

The opioid crisis is overwhelming. Drug diversion is ever present. Drug abuse and overdoses are happening every day. Pharmaceuticals are commonly found in our drinking water. Disposal compliance can be daunting. With all of this going on, healthcare facilities need a safe, secure and compliant solution for the disposal of the pharmaceutical waste they are generating. Proper drug disposal is not only essential for environmental sustainability, but it’s also highly regulated by various agencies. Learn how PAC-RX™ can help.

DEA Controlled substance and other pharmaceutical waste disposal:

PAC-RX™ is your solution for the proper disposal of pharmaceuticals in a healthcare setting. Consider PAC-RX™ as a compliant and cost effective solution.

PAC-RX™ KEY Components

  • PAC-RX™ works by a process of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) deactivation.
  • Mitigate controlled substance diversion.
  • Compliant with all regulatory agencies when used as directed.
  • Eco-Friendly by diverting harmful drugs from our water supply.
  • Safe and cost effective.
  • Easy to use
    1. Add water
    2. Add pharmaceuticals
    3. Securely store until disposal (incineration)


PAC-RX™ can be utilized anywhere pharmaceuticals are sold or administered. Particular industries served include:



Hospitals, surgery centers and Dr.’s offices continue to be the leading users of PAC-RX™. PAC-RX™ can securely and strategically be placed throughout the facility to properly store pharmaceutical wastage.

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Veterinary Clinic


Animal health services take advantage of the beneifts of proper pharmaceutical drug disposal as offered by PAC-RX™. Caring for animals is an important aspect of a good veterinarian.

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Pharmacies must know the importance of compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal. Under new EPA Subpart P regulations, these facilities are limited on what they can and cannot send back to the reverse distributor for credit.

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Long Term Care

Long Term Care

LTC facilities not only care for our aging population, but are responsible for proper pharmaceutical waste disposal as required by EPA’s Subpart P regulations.

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Federal and state governmental facilities that are involved with the distribution or dispensing of pharmaceuticals often generate pharmacetuical waste that need proper security and disposal.

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Other Industries

Other Industries

Because of recent EPA regulations, any entity that sells or dispenses pharmaceuticals are under strict requirements for the management of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals – EPA Subpart P.

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Our Values and Principles

We believe in a code of ethics that promotes truth in advertising. Simply put, you will not see any unsupported claims in order to sell more product. There are several choices available in today’s market for proper pharmaceutical waste disposal. We would like to showcase the PAC-RX™ device while also clearing up some of the misconceptions surrounding medicine disposal device marketing claims and the regulatory agencies stance on them, in particular DEA and EPA.


  • Proprietary formula utilizing Power Activated Carbon (PAC)
  • Over 20 times the active ingredient as compared to the leading brand
  • Cost effective
  • Free sample
  • Vented caps to allow for waste contents expansion
  • Assorted sizes available to meet facility needs
  • Security brackets available to help prevent diversion
  • Mail back option for incineration
  • Regulatory guidance support for facility compliance