2020-2021 Flu Vaccine – Disposal Guidance


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2020-2021 Flu Vaccine – Disposal Guidance

Be careful.  Some flu vaccines are considered hazardous waste by the EPA when being disposed.  Vaccines that contain thimerosal as a preservative have an EPA Waste Code of D009 and must be disposed of as RCRA hazardous waste.  Thimerosal is comprised of approximately 50% mercury.

Believe it or not, even vaccines that claim to be preservative free may contain enough thimerosal during the manufacturing process to trigger the D009 waste code!

Rather than list all the vaccines in this article, we will highlight the ones that are hazardous.
  • Afluria Quad – Multi-Dose
  • Flucelvax Quad – Multi-Dose
  • Fluzone SH – Multi-Dose
  • Fluzone Quad – Multi-Dose

  For a complete list broken down by NDC, click here