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Drug Disposal Made Easy

New for 2020. We have developed a medicine disposal device specifically designed for healthcare facilities to address the issue of DEA pharmaceutical wastage disposal. DEA pharmaceutical wastage refers to the controlled substance left over after being dispensed and or administered.

After extensive research, it was determined that the utilization of activated carbon is the best and most cost effective medium for active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) adsorption. What makes PAC-RX different from the competition is that the proprietary formula contains over 20 times the active ingredient of the leading brand and it’s cheaper to boot! PAC-RX™ utilizes Power Activated Carbon (PAC) as the primary active ingredient. Simply add water to activate. For added security, consider adding the secured brackets that were specifically designed for the PAC-RX™ containers.

Usage of PAC-RX™ is fully compliant with all regulatory agencies when used as directed. Agencies include: DEA, EPA, state and local regulations. Depending on contents placed in the PAC-RX™ container, final disposal may include incineration. Because of this, mail back incineration of PAC-RX™ containers is available.

We are excited to bring this new product to market and look forward to adding to our line of PAC-RX™ products and accessories.

PAC-RX is available direct from this website or through resellers throughout the United States.

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