There is good reason why the leading DEA sequestration devices utilize activated carbon as the disposal device’s active ingredient. Activated carbon has superb adsorption properties and a very large surface area. Pound for pound it has more usable surface area than any other material available for adsorption. When it comes to the amount of activated carbon in medicine disposal devices, know that more is better. PAC-RX™ contains over 20 times the amount of activated carbon as compared to the leading brand. For more technical information on activated carbon properties and state guidance, refer to the below links.


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Our Values and Principles

We believe in a code of ethics that promotes truth in advertising. Simply put, you will not see any unsupported claims in order to sell more product. There are several choices available in today’s market for proper pharmaceutical waste disposal. We would like to showcase the PAC-RX™ device while also clearing up some of the misconceptions surrounding medicine disposal device marketing claims and the regulatory agencies stance on them, in particular DEA and EPA.


  • Proprietary formula utilizing Power Activated Carbon (PAC)
  • Over 20 times the active ingredient as compared to the leading brand
  • Cost effective
  • Free sample
  • Vented caps to allow for waste contents expansion
  • Assorted sizes available to meet facility needs
  • Security brackets available to help prevent diversion
  • Mail back option for incineration
  • Regulatory guidance support for facility compliance